Hi friends, For years there has been the pressing discussion about guns and ownership of guns and lately the issue has escalated yet again and the casualties are rising. This time, yet another school shooting and my heart aches for those affected. I’m from Denmark, I live in Denmark and I have lived my entire … More #marchforourlives

My Dad died

Hello friends, I’ve been away from blogging for at long time, completely uninspired and frankly exhausted. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it only meant that a lot has been going on in my life that I had to put all of my time and energy into. If you have read any of my … More My Dad died

I’m back!

It’s been a long hiatus – I’m not dead. I don’t believe I have a written a single poem since last time I posted on here. My life has been consumed by a whirlwind (I feel tempted to say literally, but that wouldn’t be correct) and I have only just found my ground. I feel … More I’m back!


If you could change your life if you could free yourself from your cold, ragged chains, would you dance in a field of hydrangeas? would you slip and fall into emerald flames upon which countless suns attached gleam burning and blistering each exposed seam would you let your body sink? would you flee from the … More Away